The Power of RLN for Real-Time Settlement

Settle Everything, Everywhere, All At Once | Synchronizing Ledgers at 1 Million TPS

The Settlement Challenge

Every settlement of a financial transaction is a collection of ledger updates. Those ledgers might be within a global bank or custodian or they might be across banks, central banks and depositories.  

LedgerSwarm orchestrates ledger updates using the RLN concept, creating an atomic transaction across all ledgers. 

LedgerSwarm creates a real time settlement process for cash, assets and securities.

LedgerSwarm works with your existing core banking and custody systems giving you the power of tokenisation without having to reengineer your core ledgers.

Ledgers are Local. Settlement is Global.

Our Solution

LedgerSwarm is a DLT orchestation layer using the RLN concept to ensure that all parties to a settlement digitally sign that settlement proposal before it is finalised.

LedgerSwarm creates a settlement path between the payer and the beneficiary and manages the execution of the settlement from beginning to end.

LedgerSwarm maintains an immutable global transaction order to ensure that nostro balances never get out of line.

Supercharging Your Settlement Processes

Business Use Cases for LedgerSwarm

LedgerSwarm is built to be scalable using SETL’s 1 million TPS technology.

Internal Settlement Across Different Ledgers

Synchronize multiple internal ledgers simultaneously, with no errors, regardless of the underlying ledger technology.

Cross-Border/Cross-Currency Transfers

Enable real-time cross-border, cross-currency transactions 24/7 across your organization, while staying in compliance.

Connectivity to External Ledgers for Innovation Experimentation

Stay on top of settlement technology developments by enabling your ledgers to link seamlessly with external ones.

LedgerSwarm sets the bar high, delivering speed at scale while being ledger-agnostic.

Successfully tested at 1 million transaction settlements per second, our solution offers an unprecedented combination of speed, reliability, and efficiency.

LedgerSwarm is ledger-agnostic, offering easy interoperability across DLT and traditional platforms, and guarantees privacy and immutable reconciliation between participants.

Embark on the path to efficient, error-free, and cost-effective settlement with LedgerSwarm

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