LedgerSwarm Use Cases

Connectivity to External Ledgers for Innovation Experimentation

LedgerSwarm Can Change How You Do Settlement Today

Internal Settlement Across Different Ledgers

Synchronize multiple internal ledgers simultaneously, with no errors, regardless of the underlying ledger technology.

Cross-Border/Cross-Currency Transfers

Enable real-time cross-border, cross-currency transactions 24/7 across your organization, while staying in compliance.

Connectivity to External Ledgers for Innovation Experimentation

Stay on top of settlement technology developments by enabling your ledgers to link seamlessly with external ones.

The Challenge

Connectivity to External Ledgers Challenges

In an era of rapid technological advancement, banks and financial institutions face significant challenges in connecting to external ledgers for innovation experimentation, such as those involved in Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) pilots and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or blockchain projects. Some of the main challenges include:

Technical Heterogeneity

Every blockchain or DLT platform has its unique architecture, consensus algorithms, smart contract languages, etc. Connecting to different ledgers requires integration with each specific technical infrastructure, which can be time-consuming and technically challenging.

Regulatory Compliance

When connecting to external ledgers, especially for CBDC pilots or other blockchain projects, there can be complex and evolving regulatory requirements to adhere to, making it challenging for banks and financial institutions to ensure full compliance.

Security Concerns

Experimentation with external ledgers means sharing and transferring sensitive data outside the organization, which opens up potential security risks and vulnerabilities. Ensuring secure and reliable data transfer is a significant concern.

Scalability and Performance

Banks need to ensure that their systems can scale and maintain high performance when interfacing with external ledgers. This can be particularly challenging with high-volume transactions or real-time data exchanges.

LedgerSwarm, through its application of advanced DLT, offers comprehensive solutions to these challenges:


LedgerSwarm’s technology is built to be ledger-agnostic. It provides seamless integration and interoperability with various blockchain or DLT platforms, making it easier for banks to experiment with multiple external ledgers without the need for extensive technical adaptations.


LedgerSwarm employs advanced cryptographic techniques and secure protocols to ensure that data transfers are highly secure. This provides banks with the assurance that their sensitive information remains safe when experimenting with external ledgers.

Regulatory Compliance

LedgerSwarm’s design incorporates the ability to adhere to complex and changing regulatory standards. This feature helps banks stay in line with compliance requirements when interacting with external ledgers, removing the burden of managing regulatory compliance.

Scalability and Performance

LedgerSwarm’s solution is designed to support high transaction volumes and real-time data exchanges, ensuring optimal performance even in highly demanding environments. This allows banks to experiment with innovative technologies without compromising on their performance or scalability requirements.
The LedgerSwarm Difference

Benefits for Connectivity to External Ledgers

Streamlined Innovation Process

LedgerSwarm simplifies the process of connecting to various external ledgers, reducing the complexity and time involved in innovation experimentation. This allows institutions to focus on experimenting and developing new ideas and solutions, significantly accelerating the innovation process.

Cost Savings

By providing an efficient, secure, and regulatory-compliant means of connecting to external ledgers, LedgerSwarm helps reduce the costs associated with technical integration, security measures, and compliance management.

Enhanced Collaboration

LedgerSwarm facilitates enhanced collaboration among banks, financial institutions, and other entities participating in CBDC pilots or DLT/blockchain projects. Its interoperability and performance features enable real-time, high-volume transactions and data exchanges, paving the way for seamless multi-party collaboration.


With LedgerSwarm, institutions can readily adapt to and experiment with evolving DLT technologies, new regulatory environments, or novel digital currencies such as CBDCs. This capacity to easily connect to and interact with various external ledgers helps future-proof the institutions against rapid technological changes in the financial sector.

LedgerSwarm sets the bar high, delivering speed at scale while being ledger-agnostic.

Successfully tested at 1 million transaction settlements per second, our solution offers an unprecedented combination of speed, reliability, and efficiency.

LedgerSwarm is ledger-agnostic, offering easy interoperability across DLT and traditional platforms, and guarantees privacy and immutable reconciliation between participants.

Embark on the path to efficient, error-free, and cost-effective settlement with LedgerSwarm​

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