LedgerSwarm Use Cases

Internal Settlement Across Different Ledgers

LedgerSwarm Can Change How You Do Settlement Today

Internal Settlement Across Different Ledgers

Synchronize multiple internal ledgers simultaneously, with no errors, regardless of the underlying ledger technology.

Cross-Border/Cross-Currency Transfers

Enable real-time cross-border, cross-currency transactions 24/7 across your organization, while staying in compliance.

Connectivity to External Ledgers for Innovation Experimentation

Stay on top of settlement technology developments by enabling your ledgers to link seamlessly with external ones.

The Challenge

Internal Settlement Challenges

Financial institutions, especially large banks, often grapple with complex internal settlement challenges.

These banks maintain a plethora of ledgers, often exceeding 100 in number, distributed across various business units and geographical locations. 

Each of these ledgers receives independent updates from a multitude of internal and external systems, resulting in a lack of coordination. This decentralization can lead to:

High Reconciliation Costs

Banks have to employ teams to investigate and resolve reconciliation breaks between ledgers, costing millions of dollars annually.

Legacy System Constraints

Banks often rely on outdated legacy systems to manage their ledgers, which can be slow, prone to errors, and require specialized skills to maintain. These systems are also typically resistant to integration with new technologies such as DLT.

Scalability Issues

As banks grow, expand, and merge their businesses, the number and complexity of ledgers also increase. Existing systems may struggle to scale and accommodate such growth, leading to inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

Regulatory Hurdles

With each new ledger protocol introduced, the compliance and regulatory requirements increase. Banks must ensure they stay compliant, which adds to the complexity and cost of operations.

LedgerSwarm effectively addresses these challenges by offering an innovative, scalable, and cost-effective solution:

Seamless Synchronization

Leveraging the RLN Concept, LedgerSwarm facilitates synchronization and sequencing of all ledger updates across the institution before the transaction is committed. This significantly reduces discrepancies and improves transaction integrity.

Zero Failure Rate

The platform ensures a zero-failure rate between ledgers, eliminating the need for costly reconciliation efforts.

Scalable and Flexible

LedgerSwarm’s scalable architecture can seamlessly handle growth, expansion, and business merges, eliminating the traditional limitations posed by isolated ledgers.

Compatible with All Ledgers

Unlike many modern technologies, LedgerSwarm is ledger-agnostic and can smoothly integrate with existing banking systems without requiring them to be replaced. This mitigates the usual resistance to adopting new technologies within financial institutions.

Robust Compliance Management

LedgerSwarm’s protocol takes into account defined roles, functions, and restraints as required in regulated financial markets, simplifying compliance with regulatory requirements.
The LedgerSwarm Difference

Benefits for Internal Settlement

Cost Reduction

By eliminating the need for large reconciliation teams and reducing transaction failure, LedgerSwarm significantly reduces operational costs.

Improved Efficiency

Faster transaction finality and seamless synchronization across ledgers enhance operational efficiency.

Risk Reduction

LedgerSwarm reduces financial and operational risks by ensuring accurate and reliable ledger updates.

Ease of Integration

LedgerSwarm’s compatibility with both DLT and traditional platforms makes integration easy and straightforward, reducing technological resistance.

LedgerSwarm sets the bar high, delivering speed at scale while being ledger-agnostic.

Successfully tested at 1 million transaction settlements per second, our solution offers an unprecedented combination of speed, reliability, and efficiency.

LedgerSwarm is ledger-agnostic, offering easy interoperability across DLT and traditional platforms, and guarantees privacy and immutable reconciliation between participants.

Embark on the path to efficient, error-free, and cost-effective settlement with LedgerSwarm​

Start your journey exploring the opportunities that RLN and LedgerSwarm can bring to your organization today.