Unleashing the Power of RLN with LedgerSwarm

LedgerSwarm takes the remarkable capabilities of the Regulated Liability Network (RLN) to new heights. By utilizing the RLN Protocol, LedgerSwarm enables single and multiple parties to connect, synchronize, and settle assets and liabilities across diverse ledgers.

In the era of fragmented and isolated financial systems, LedgerSwarm ensures seamless and accurate synchronization of ledger updates before any transaction is committed.

LedgerSwarm delivers unparalleled advantages to its users:

How LedgerSwarm Works

LedgerSwarm employs a bespoke consensus algorithm that schedules and executes all transactions in a logical sequential order, devising the best settlement route. The algorithm takes into account defined roles, functions, and constraints, reflecting the complexities of regulated financial markets. 

By leveraging our deep knowledge of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the LedgerSwarm team has designed a one-of-a-kind smart contract framework with an integrated API and Kafka-based integration layer, making it interoperable with all internal and external ledger networks.

LedgerSwarm's Technology Stack

LedgerSwarm is built on robust technology, primarily using Java and JavaScript. This powerful combination, coupled with our expertise in DLT, allows us to provide an efficient and reliable solution for financial institutions.

Why Choose LedgerSwarm?

LedgerSwarm is not just another blockchain solution. It is the best implementation of the RLN concept in the market, demonstrated to work at an astonishing 1M transaction settlements per second.

 LedgerSwarm is also ledger-agnostic, meaning it is interoperable across different DLT and traditional platforms, ensuring easy adoption without the need to replace existing core banking systems. It guarantees privacy through private consensus amongst transaction participants, while providing immutable reconciliation between participants. 

With its built-in interoperable smart contract layer, LedgerSwarm is truly a trailblazer in the world of real-time settlements.

Our Vision

A Global Settlement Network

LedgerSwarm envisions serving as a global, multi-institution shared settlement network built on DLT.

Our goal is to dramatically reduce settlement costs and times for both traditional and tokenized assets within and between regulated entities, while providing an always-on network.

Leveraging LedgerSwarm will not only enhance efficiency within specific institutions but also across whole industries, driving real-time settlement of assets, risk reduction, decreased transaction costs, and easy onboarding of new asset classes.

LedgerSwarm sets the bar high, delivering speed at scale while being ledger-agnostic.

Successfully tested at 1 million transaction settlements per second, our solution offers an unprecedented combination of speed, reliability, and efficiency.

LedgerSwarm is ledger-agnostic, offering easy interoperability across DLT and traditional platforms, and guarantees privacy and immutable reconciliation between participants.

Embark on the path to efficient, error-free, and cost-effective settlement with LedgerSwarm​

Start your journey exploring the opportunities that RLN and LedgerSwarm can bring to your organization today.