LedgerSwarm Use Cases

Cross-Border / Cross-Currency Transactions

LedgerSwarm Can Change How You Do Settlement Today

Internal Settlement Across Different Ledgers

Synchronize multiple internal ledgers simultaneously, with no errors, regardless of the underlying ledger technology.

Cross-Border/Cross-Currency Transfers

Enable real-time cross-border, cross-currency transactions 24/7 across your organization, while staying in compliance.

Connectivity to External Ledgers for Innovation Experimentation

Stay on top of settlement technology developments by enabling your ledgers to link seamlessly with external ones.

The Challenge

Cross-Border, Cross-Currency Challenges

Cross-border and cross-currency transactions present several challenges to large banks and financial institutions:

Costly & Time-Consuming

International transfers can be expensive due to multiple layers of fees, and slow due to relying on intermediary banks for clearance and settlement.

Lack of Transparency

Cross-border transfers lack transparency in terms of costs, transfer time, and the movement of funds.

Lack of 24/7 Availability

Traditional banking systems operate during regular business hours, limiting the ability to perform transfers outside these hours.

Reconciliation Issues

Each transaction involves multiple ledgers, which often leads to discrepancies requiring reconciliation, thus increasing operational costs.

Operational and Compliance Risk

Each country has its unique compliance and regulatory requirements which increases the complexity and risk associated with cross-border transactions.

LedgerSwarm effectively addresses these challenges by offering an innovative, scalable, and cost-effective solution:

Reduced Costs & Improved Speed

By enabling real-time settlement across borders, LedgerSwarm minimizes transaction fees and reduces transaction times significantly.

Zero Reconciliation

LedgerSwarm’s innovative technology ensures zero failure rate between ledgers, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming reconciliation.


LedgerSwarm’s distributed ledger technology offers complete transparency, providing real-time updates about the movement and status of funds.

Regulatory Compliance

LedgerSwarm accommodates defined roles, functions, and restraints as required in regulated financial markets, making it easier to meet cross-border regulatory requirements.

24/7 Availability

As a distributed ledger system, LedgerSwarm operates around the clock, ensuring transactions can occur anytime.
The LedgerSwarm Difference

Benefits for Cross-Border/Cross-Currency

Cost Savings

Reduced transaction costs and the elimination of reconciliation teams lead to significant savings.

Improved Efficiency

Real-time, 24/7 transfers lead to better business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Transparency

Real-time tracking of funds and transparent fee structures increase trust and customer satisfaction.

Compliance Management

Improved adherence to varying international regulatory requirements decreases compliance risk.

LedgerSwarm sets the bar high, delivering speed at scale while being ledger-agnostic.

Successfully tested at 1 million transaction settlements per second, our solution offers an unprecedented combination of speed, reliability, and efficiency.

LedgerSwarm is ledger-agnostic, offering easy interoperability across DLT and traditional platforms, and guarantees privacy and immutable reconciliation between participants.

Embark on the path to efficient, error-free, and cost-effective settlement with LedgerSwarm​

Start your journey exploring the opportunities that RLN and LedgerSwarm can bring to your organization today.