Why name it "Kitty Hawk"

Great ideas come from inspiration, or “the stuff dreams are made of.”  For SETL CEO Anthony Culligan, his inspiration lies with the world of aviation and the amazing breakthrough that took place at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17, 1903. It is there that the Wright brothers had their first successful flight on the sandy dunes of Kill Devil Hills. Through their time, effort, and cooperation with their community, they accomplished an impossible feat that many had only dreamed of.

It is this determination, will power, cooperation, and experimentation that that has inspired the naming of the server to be Kitty Hawk. At LedgerSwarm, our will power, determination, and cooperation drive this great experiment to change the face of settlement for the better. Just as with the Wright brothers, we have also taken flight, aiming for the highest standards in the fastest settlement and cross border/ cross currency transactions that our community can make. Join the Kitty Hawk trial and start your journey exploring the opportunities that RLN and LedgerSwarm can bring to your organization today.